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Surviving Your Long-Distance Move

Few undertakings in life are as stressful as a long-distance move. Finding a price that is reasonable, organizing and packing, watching some mover break the vase that was a cherished family heirloom Ė who could look forward to such an ordeal? But you can take steps to make the process easier. The following is the best advice I can give on how to avoid stress when preparing for your move:

Talk to several movers and make sure that each has a good reputation and is bonded and insured. Once you have an idea about which companies are reputable, ask several for estimates and inform each company that you are talking to others. Ensure that your estimate is a binding one. Some companies wonít offer a binding estimate, but they might off an estimate with a second, slightly higher, price that they wonít exceed. Make sure that you provide all the information to your estimators. Are there extra stops to make along the way or, perhaps, a narrow alley the truck cannot navigate? This kind of information will help you get the most accurate estimates.

While it is likely that your household goods will arrive in perfect condition, donít forget about insurance. Most moving companies offer basic, and free, insurance, but it is likely you wonít be happy with the settlement should one of your more valuable items be broken. Additional insurance can be purchased for a few cents per mile. Over-insuring your belongings will provide a peace of mind that is worth the added expense.

Once you have contracted with a moving company, it is time to pack. Remember that the number one problem with long-distance moving is cardboard box whose bottom unexpectedly collapses. Small-boxes are good for individual heavy items and large-boxes are designed for holding numerous small items. It is helpful to tag as many boxes as possible with both their contents and the room into which you would like them to be moved. Also, consider what can be taken in your car or van rental. Do you want that valuable painting jostling around the moving van or gently wrapped in blankets in your trunk?

Lastly, do not make the mistake that I once did. I once failed to give my mover a contact number in my new home city. The truck driver sat in front of the wrong address for the bulk of a day waiting for me, while I was at my new home waiting for him. By following these tips you can relax knowing your move will be successful from the time the moving vans arrive until you are comfortably set up in your new home.