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The big day has come and you are ready to move. Everything has been packed and labeled and you are ready to start loading your items into the rental van you got from You are ready, willing and prepared for the move, but the preparation is not over yet.

If you just go headlong into this without thinking about preparation, you are most likely not going to fit everything that you need into the rental van, and you are going to be left scratching your head, wondering how you got into that situation.

The first thing you have to do is determine how you are going to make everything fit into the moving van. This is an easy task and all it takes is for you and your helpers to go into the back of the moving van to determine where everything is going to be placed. You should look at what boxes will go where, how you will stack furniture, and what may cause problems in the move.
One thing to do during the planning is make sure that the items you want first will be at the back of the cargo compartment of the rental van. These could be things like a box of books that you may want to dig into if the trip is going to be a very long one, or perhaps it will be the television, DVD player and DVDs that you want to set up quickly when you get to the new place so the kids will not be bothering you while you try and unload everything.

Once you know how things are going to be put into the rental van, you can begin moving them in. Depending on how much help you have, this could be easy or very hard to do. If you have lots of help, then you can load the rental van quickly. In this case, have the stronger individuals concentrate only on moving the heavy boxes and furniture, while the rest of the people helping you can move the light boxes. This way, you have someone working on something at all times, which makes the move much easier to do and much quicker to accomplish as a result.

Ensure that when you are loading boxes into the rental van, that you are not putting heavy boxes on the light boxes. You should always keep an eye on the boxes going into the rental van to make sure that no one does something they shouldn’t with the boxes. If you have enough people helping you, this can be easy to do.
If it is just you and a friend or two helping you, you will be able to oversee matters much more, but you will also be taking longer to load everything. The trick is to have as many people you can helping you during your move.

Moving is not easy, but with the proper planning on the day of the move, you can keep things easy as you load your rental van from