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When you are moving, you are going to pack boxes and you need to make sure that what you pack is not going to break. If you are moving 2,000 miles, that is a lot of bouncing and moving around in your moving trip. Therefore, having the right amount of packing inside the boxes will keep you from finding a lot of broken items when you make it to your new location.

Bubble wrap is the most common form of bought packaging that a person will have when they move. It is a great cushion for nearly everything you want to protect, or which is fragile. The air bubbles will cushion the package if it falls, or if something falls on it. If you cover your dishes, figurines and other breakables in bubble wrap,
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you will not have to worry that they will be severely damaged during the move. It does cost money to have bubble wrap though, and you will have to deal with that, in addition to your other moving costs, like a rental van. Having bubble wrap will protect your items in the rental van you get from, but it can cost a lot if you have a lot to pack.

Packing paper is another item you can buy from a store like Staples to pack boxes that will be transported in your rental van. Packing paper is cheaper than bubble wrap, but not as effective. You have to use quite a bit of it to get good cushioning, and it can be compressed easily. However, it is perfect if you want to pack fine china and don’t have bubble wrap. The reason for this is that newspaper will rub its print off on the fine china, which can actually stain it and cause problems for you if you want to show it off.

Towels and clothes can be used to pack items that you want to protect, and many choose this route because it allows you to pack two things at once. That way, you don’t have to pack these items into separate boxes, and you don’t have to worry about your dishes breaking from inadequate cushioning for the items.

Newspapers may be the most common packing material people use when they want to protect their items. While it is very popular, it can be very dirty and it is not uncommon for someone who has to pack and unpack selected items to get very dirty hands from all the newsprint that goes on them. As a result, if you can, try and find something else to pack your items with, rather than newspapers. It is a great way to recycle them but it can be detrimental through the newsprint staining on your precious and fragile items.

Packing your items in boxes is very important, and when you put your valuables into boxes that will be transported in a rental van, you want to make sure they will arrive safe and sound. Try out some of these tips with the boxes you pack for your next big move.