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All right, you have got to the new location and are ready to unload everything into your new house. While you may think you are home free, the post-move can be just as difficult as the pre-move and the move itself.

In the post-move, you are going to begin unpacking everything you own, but before you do that you have to unload it from the rental van you found on Doing this will make everything easier on you and your family.

First, you should have loaded everything into the rental van in such a way that the most important things you will need, hence the things that are most important immediately. The television is a good example of this, as
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is the computer if you need to access e-mails after a three-day drive to your new home. The toys for the kids, and any changes of clothes you may need immediately would fit into this category. You can also have your toiletries that can be unpacked right away. Many people will say that these things do not matter at the end of the trip because you are unloading everything anyways. However, if you just drove 2,000 miles and have arrived at your new home at 11 p.m., do you really want to start unloading the van or wait until morning?

The next thing you need to do with your post-move is ensure that everything is unloaded into its proper location. You will be able to do this easily if you have labeled all the boxes already. Just quickly unload everything and have it in its proper location in the house. Then, all you have to do is unpack.

Once you are in your new home and everything is in boxes, ensure that all the utilities have been transferred over properly. You should also double-check that you have all your papers for the rental property, or the mortgage on the house you may have just bought. Speaking of rental items, ensure that you return the rental van to its retailer, in the same condition that you received it in.
Other things to think about in the post-move are to start unpacking the items you will need first. You could unpack the old sweaters you never wear first, but that wastes time from getting items like dishes and other necessities unpacked first. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be sidetracked with boxes that do not matter. In fact, if you did things right, you should not even have boxes full of items you do not use anymore because you would have sold those or given them away before the move ever even happened.

Moving is not fun, but something that many people enjoy is the unpacking. This allows them to decorate a new home, in any way that they want. They can unpack and begin to feel settled. For many, the post-move is by far the favourite part of the entire move for them.