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There are three stages to every single move, the pre-move, the move and the post-move. In all of these stages, the individual who is moving needs to prepare properly, and nowhere is this more important than in the pre-move. In the pre-move, the mover must look at everything relating to the move and their new home, and ensure it has been taken care of before you start loading boxes into your rental van.

It does not matter how far you are moving, you need to decide what is going to be with you if you are not driving the moving van, or what needs to be up front with you in the rental van. These can be expensive items, important documents and more. Generally, they are items that are used on a regular basis by you and things you need to have on hand in the front of the rental van.
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Always think about holding a garage sale before you move. Too often people will have large quantities of items they do not use, but which they continue to move on a regular basis. Some of these items will still be in boxes from the previous move that you never needed to unpack.

Before leaving, you should give magazines four to six weeks notice before your move, and you should also provide a change of address notice on credit card bills and anything else that should be forwarded to the new address, which you will need. You should also contact utility companies about two weeks before you move out of the place. This will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and you don't arrive at your new place to discover there is no power.

Something that is very important to do, but which many forget about, is taking an inventory of borrowed and lent items. These are items you have either given to someone to use briefly, or which have been given to use to use for a time, but which have not been returned. Some people may try and take the items and pretend they forgot it was borrowed so they can keep it. This is not the most reputable thing to do, so you shouldn’t. It can ruin friendships and when that person wants their item back, do you want to try and transport it 2,000 miles to its old location? Always look at what you have and what you can give back to the original owners.
You should always begin packing up early and you should always start with the items you seldom use. These are things that have stayed in the closet since you last unpacked them. Get these out of the way and then start concentrating on the other items which you use on a more regular basis.

No matter how you decide to start packing things up, nor how you organize everything, you should always think about using for all of your van rental needs. We can find you good deals on great vans, to make your move very easy.