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Having a rental van is something that can make your move from your old home to your new home very easy. However, having a rental van that you found through is not the end of the story, now you have to figure out how to load it properly.

Loading a rental van is easier said than done. If you only take the items you have, throw them in there and drive off, you are going to have barely any room for anything, and a lot of broken possessions.

Rental vans come in a wide variety of sizes, but most often then not they are described in terms of how big of a place you are moving out of. Companies listed through will list the rental vans in terms of one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, three bedroom apartment, large house, and more. This will give you a better indication of what will fit in there if you are the like the average person who has the average number of possessions.
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With your rental van, you need to be able to look at it and determine exactly how you are going to load it. Van rentals are easy to do but if you don’t know exactly what is going in there, or how much of it, then you could end up shooting yourself in the foot because you failed to plan accordingly.

Planning first and loading second is the right procedure when you are looking at a rental van. How much you want to plan is really completely up to you. You can take measurements of everything that you have and see how it is going to fit into the rental van, or you can look at what you have in your apartment and make a guess-estimation. This is not as accurate, but generally you will know exactly how much can fit into the rental van.

The most important thing you can do with your rental van is to ensure you are ready to begin loading it when you have the chance. You start paying for the rental van essentially the moment you get it. Therefore, you want to make sure that you start loading the van immediately, since that will give you the best options for getting things done quickly. When you get the moving van, and if you have help, get everyone around you ready to follow the instructions you have of getting the boxes first, followed by furniture and other larger items.

Rental vans and rental trucks are great in a move. They will help you get everything planned accordingly and done quickly. You will know exactly how much is going to fit into the van rental and you will know just how much time is going to be saved by doing this. Sure it costs money, but think of all the time it takes to transport everything one by one in a car. Surely having more space is going to be worth the cost when you have to go through a stressful move.