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How do you pick the right moving van

How do you pick the right moving van rental vehicle for you moving job? A giant bobtail truck? I tiny pickup truck? There are a lot of options out there and nowadays you can choose from a lot more than just the color of your cargo van! Well, you need to think about whether you will need to park you van when it is loaded. An open bed pickup is not safe for being left unattended as people may steal things from the open back.

Similarly, ask yourself what the weather conditions might be like when you move. You do not want to be moving in the rain and have an open pickup truck as your vehicle. What are the streets like where you will have to drive, a small cargo van on two trips may be your only option if the roads where you need to go are narrow and small. If you can't get a big van or long truck close to your items to move, then all the time you spend walking and hiking the things to the truck will be better spent driving two trips with a smaller vehicle.

Don't just get the biggest and try to stuff everything into one big load. On the other hand, if you are moving across the country, it doesn't take a genius to figure you want to get everything into just one load! You need to balance the amount of driving you will do and the distance against the loading times. Fuel economy can factor, but probably won't be a big issue. Try to get all your belongings into uniform sized boxes before you choose your vehicle. If you do this, you can actually count the number of boxes and get a total of cubic feet, then you can use that to figure the size of the van. You will be amazed how much you can fit if your boxes stack well.

Don't just guess or get your van before you start boxing things up. In summary, the smallest van you can get will make gas expenses lower, driving easier and maybe your rental rates will be smaller. Don't overlook an open bed pickup truck if weather will be nice and you will not leave it overnight unattended. Packing more efficiently will make you move easier, let you use a smaller vehicle, and save you money in fees and fuel costs!